Tips to Transport Your Boat with Ease

A yacht or a boat is not an item that can be transported easily and it requires a lot of preparation. Moving a yacht is not like moving a car and one has to start the planning at a very early stage. Most of the preparations will have to be done by the owners but when you know what has to be done and how it has to be done, the job gets easy.


A Yacht Transport Company

There are many companies that claim to be genuine yacht transport companies but they all turn out to be scams. Unfortunately, people find out about them only after they have paid the money. Some have been fortunate enough to have had their yachts transported but at a heavy price which could have been avoided had they done their homework. So be alert to any suspicious talks or actions from the auto transport company and thoroughly check them out before you hire them. Never pay them before the job is done and if the company insists on a pre-payment, go to the next company on your list.


Qualities of an Ideal Yacht Transport Company

A good yacht transport company must have experience working with ports, marinas and boatyards. They must also have a good working knowledge of permit agencies and ideally should also have worked with DOT.


Preparing the Boat

Boats and yachts are bulky vehicles and come in all sizes and shapes most of which can easily topple over if not handled carefully. Most yacht transportation drivers may simply refuse to move your boat if they feel that it is unsafe. Rather than being upset about the delay, be glad as this will show that the driver is experienced and will not undertake any hazardous journeys. So here are a few points to keep in mind for the preparations –


-          The boat is now out of the water and so has to be securely supported, stabilized and balanced.

-          The weight must be equally distributed during transit.

-          Anything that can come loose, is easily shaken off or is likely to fall off must be dismantled. Now you can secure everything else that can fall off but cannot be dismantled.

-          Secure all openings such as hatches and windows with tapes if necessary.


If you feel that you are not up to the job, do not worry as there are many boatyards which can do the job for you.


Getting Voyage Insurance

Most boat transporters will give you an insurance policy specially designed for voyages. However, the policy is not very expensive and even when combined with the price of transportation, you will find that it is reasonable. The insurance will cover things like –


-          Machinery which is in operable conditions

-          Debris that might have accumulated during transit

-          Any physical loss can claim a deductible of five thousand US dollars even if you did not insure for that amount


Things To Be Bone Before the Voyage

Be sure to inform the transportation company about the boat and its specifications so that they can also prepare. Boat transporters will have to transport several boats at the same time and they will have to prepare spaces for them depending upon this information.

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