How To Move Heavy Machinery

When you have a car or a bike, you can transport them easily but transportation gets difficult when the cargo in question is heavy machinery which does not have wheels and an engine that can drive it to the destination. However, moving heavy machinery is not a difficult task when you know how to do the job.


Using a Flatbed

Flatbeds are used extensively for transporting difficult items as the items can be loaded and unloaded easily. As the name suggests, these kinds of haulers have an extremely flat or a level bed and it can hold an incredible amount of load. Companies however should check whether they can handle the weight of the machinery and whether the equipment they have for loading and unloading is suitable for your machinery. When you want to transport heavy machinery overseas with this method, you might be charged per cubic meter or by cubic feet. This may work out to be too expensive and not an advisable option.


Using a Special Trailer

Another common transportation method is the use of special trailers but they can be a little bit more difficult than using flatbeds. However, this is the preferred option if the machinery is too heavy or too big. When you use a special trailer, you will also need a special permit for your oversized load which can be easily arranged by your auto transporter. If the load is simply too large, consider dismantling it so that it can fit into the trailer easily. Always make sure that only professionals do this job or your machinery may well go to the junkyard. When done correctly, this can be a cheaper way to transport your machinery, especially when the destination is overseas.



When the distance that has to be covered is considerably less you can tow the machinery. The machinery will have to be secured well and you will have to prepare the machine to be in a suitable condition for towing.


Making the Job Easier

Heavy machinery is not a job that can be taken lightly but with the proper equipments, the job can be done easily and smoothly. Tools such as ramps and cranes which are available both at the pickup area and the delivery place will make the job successful.


Choosing the Company

Choose a company that has an excellent track record so that you can be sure that only experienced personnel will handle your equipment. You can ask to see their credentials and even take a look at how they deal with other machinery. The company should also have a 24 hour GPS tracking system so that you will know that your cargo is safe and on its way.


Leaving it to the Experts

There is no greater joy than leaving all the heavy and hard work to the experts. You can then take the rest of the day off and do something you enjoy. Before starting on the journey make sure all the paper has been done and the insurance registered.

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