How to Move an RV Across the Country

People can easily transport a car these days but when it comes to an RV, it seems to be a humongous job.  However, the job is not as difficult as it may look for most people get put off by the sheer size of the vehicle. So here is how you can get the job done easily.


Change the Way you Think

Do not think of the job ahead as an “RV” but as an oversized car that has to be transported.  With a little hard work, you can easily manage to get the job done and if the RV is in running condition, then the job gets even easier.


Shipping RV Overseas

Most companies use the famous Roll-On and Roll-Off method as it is easy and cost effective. Your transportation agent will be able to inform you about all the necessary paper work to be done and about the preparations needed for customs clearance. Sometimes a flat rack container is also used where the RV is loaded onto the flat rack and loaded onto the transportation vessel.   In case the RV is not in a running condition, then you will have to hire a specialized container that is big and powerful enough to tow your RV to the port.


Driving it to the Destination

This option might work if you need to drive it to the destination and the RV is in a good working condition. Another driver and you can easily drive it to the destination. However, if the other driver is not a friend or part of the family, ask for credentials. Most transportation companies will also deal with employing drivers. Going through them is safer as they would have checked out the driver’s credentials and experience. Make sure that you have your license and if you are not holding an American license, at least have an international one.


Double Check your Decision

Transporting an RV is a huge responsibility and so you must make sure that the company that you have decided to hire has all the credentials as well. Make sure that they have their DOT and MC numbers so that you can be sure that they are licensed to transport cargo such as your RV. Also make sure that the company has satellite tracking and can give emergency help in case of accidents any time during the transit. Also be wary if they give a quote that is ridiculously less than their competitors. Cheap may not be the best as it could be a company that hires inexperienced drivers. In such cases, your RV might be heading for trouble instead of the port.


Prepare your RV for Transportation

There are several things that have to be attended to before you can declare that the RV is ready for transportation such as the following –

  • All opening have to be locked and secured. You can even use tapes if you have to as the main idea is to keep them from opening during the journey.
  • Do not let any loose things be in the RV and that includes your personal items as well.
  • Disconnect and dismantle, if necessary any electronic devices.
  • Give a thorough check-up before you take the RV to the port. This includes checking the tires, signals, brake fluid and even the headlights.

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